Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kurenai 01

I don't know much about the manga so this is all new to me. Also, I hate summaries (had enough of that shit with college essays) so I'll just keep this simple.


An extremely rich girl named Kuhouin Murasaki, who looks like she's seven years old, is taken from her garden a.k.a. HUGE MANSION (and I'm pretty sure she WAS NOT taken against her will). She is put under the care of Shinkurou Kurenai, a high school student who seems to have some kind of special power in his (was it right?) arm. She is used to her rich lifestyle and isn't used to Kurenai's apartment which is pretty shitty even by my standards. The next morning, Kurenai has to leave for school and when he gets back, she's gone. So he runs around town, finally finds her and they have a little hug...a few tears here and there. It's all for fun though right?

Impression: it just me or does the art style of this show resemble Kamichu and Darker than Black combined? Same art directors? Maybe. Other than that, the story caught my attention and the animation was superb. A good start.

Cool guy ehShe hates him.Oh yea...

I want to see more of Kurenai's neighbors and I'm guessing they will influence Murasaki in some ways that won't be to her benefit. And from the looks of the preview for episode 2, they're gonna take care of her while Kurenai is out for school. I suppose that they will be the comic relief for this series. The brunette looks like she's gonna be a cocktease too.

First neighbor

I love you.
Yesssss you are the main reason for why I'm watching this show.

OP: The song is so so. Better than a lot of other shit OP's out right know. *cough kanokon cough* The art style is a little strange but I can deal with it.
*****After getting to know the characters better, the OP animation is a lot more fun that it was when I first watched it.

ED: 「crossing days」 by 新谷良子
I love it. The song is great, although the singer does sing kinda fast...that might be an understatement. The ED animation was fine. Perhaps the animators got lazy but I'm guessing they just wanted to be stylish.

Overall this was a good first episode. I will probably keep up with it because Murasaki is too cute and I want to see how she develops. I'm still wondering if she'll fall in love with Kurenai...that seems a little strange though so I hope not.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Which undine are you?

I was bored

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Friday, March 21, 2008

I just have to get this off my chest.

Teriyaki boyz suck. Which is really surprising considering they are comprised of Ryo-z, Illmari AND VERBAL! I find it strange that my friends love their songs like Tokyo Drift (holy fucking shit it sucks) but hate songs that are so much better.

Especially with their song Heartbreaker. Being directed by Daft Punk and all (I'm an big daft punk fan) I expected a lot more than what I got. Oh least they're still good individually.

Lastly...If I could ask one thing of Teriyaki boyz....I just want them to get rid of whoever that woman is who sings with that horrible Asian accent.

On another note, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl is awesome, and so is Zelda.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day


Well, another uneventful valentines day comes and goes.

Happy Valentines Day to to all you loners out there.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The girl who leapt through time...and stayed there.


I didn't come up with this idea and it sure as hell isn't how I interpreted the movie, but one of my "friends" somehow decided that Makoto's aunt, Kazuko Yoshiyama, was actually Makoto's future self. What lead him to believe this was what her aunt said near the ending of the movie, which was...

Yoshiyama - "I first fell in love in high school. We became really close as soon as we met. It was like we'd known each other since childhood, but it was over before we became adults."

Makoto - "Why?"

Yoshiyama - "Probably bad timing..."

Makoto - "What's he doing now?"

Yoshiyama - "I wonder...he said he would definitely return one day."


Now, I have several of my own ideas (besides my common sense) that lead me to believe that this isn't true.
1. Her name is Yoshiyama Kazuko, not Makoto Konno, and I doubt she would change her name later in life.
2. You see a picture of her when she was young, and she had long hair.
3. She stated that Makoto and herself were different types of people.

Although one thing isn't clear to me yet. If someone leaps (forward) through time, and they decide not to leap ever again, do they stay there? Because it seemed to me that Makoto would always be forced back to the original time she jumped at. But when she leaps (backwards) through time, it seemed she had to stay there and re-live everything over again.

Of course, I could still be wrong and I like to have an open mind toward interesting ideas. So if anyone reads this (lol yeah right), could you please put in some of your own input? I guess you can side with either me or my "friend's" interpretation; maybe you even believe something completely different.

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